Friday, August 15, 2008

Another camping trip

This time in Florence. The girls & the dog had a great time on the sand dunes. I don't remember them being so tall and steep!!!!!!!! I thought I was going to die trying to climb them. The ocean was beautiful as always. Of course it was foggy, windy and cold.

Here we are after climbing the dunes. Wondering how I'm going to get down. The girls rolled down. Look like fun but decided at my age I may hurt myself.

The girls are looking for newts. They actually found one and Jessica almost dove into the water to catch it.

(don't know why my people can't understand that. "I'm bred to be cute, not camp!") And look at this ridiculous 'sweater' mom made me. I look like like underdog. (It did keep me warm, though)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

So what's new?

You may be asking. Well, we (Mom and the girls) went camping for 5 days with a friend and her 3 children in the middle of July where Jessica caught her first trout (11 1/4").

The last week of July, Jessica and Mom volunteered, teaching 5th grade crafts, for a week during VBS at church while Abby and Hannah participated in their grade level classes.

We have at least one more camping trip scheduled before school starts, a wedding to go to the next weekend and a wedding reception to attend the next. Then there is Labor Day. I have school scheduled to start on the 15th of September

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