Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I've been crocheting a lot during the past few months. I made dishcloths, coasters, blankets for family at Christmas time. I've been working on slippers but haven't quite got them figured out yet. I'm not sure exactly how to read some of the patterns. As I am a self-taught crocheter I can't ask the teacher. Well, I could ask the teacher but would probably end up in a huge debate :o) The latest projects have been cotton coasters, pot holders, 12" granny squares and head hugger caps. I took a short knitting lesson in January and did manage to make a really cool scarf. Now if knitting needles had hooks on the end so the stitch didn't fall off, I'd do much better . Oh, well. Time to get the kids going on schoolwork. Testing is coming up for my 2 oldest in May so we'd better get busy with practicing and making sure we don't miss anything that is going to be on the test. Have a beautiful day!!!

Hello Spring

Yesterday was the first day of Spring. Thank you Jesus!!! Of course it was raining. But to have the flowers and the green grass you have to put up with a bit of rain. My flowers are beautiful right now. (I hope they didn't freeze to death last night.)

My favorite colors are pink and purple (lavendar) and with a little yellow thrown in... WOW!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Well, its here. My 40th. My parents sent me a coffee mug that says: "I'D RATHER BE 40 THAN PREGNANT". Amen to that!!! Should be another rainy day in Oregon. 40 years ago we were having the worst snow storm of the winter.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Running Around Like.....

a chicken with it's head cut off. A Tuesday in the life of this homeschool family. The girls, dog & I went for a 30-minute walk in the morning as the sun was shining and forecast called for rain later in the day. (My husband and I are training for the Albany Sprint Triathlon.) After returning home the girls got out their 'school boxes' and chose what they were going to work on as I took a shower. Lunch time was upon us faster than we had anticipated. We quickly threw lunch together and headed out the door for Corvallis where the girls are taking classes with our homeschool co-op. My two older girls are taking a craft class where they learned to use fabric to create a scenic picture. They've also done a tye-dye t-shirt, removed color from a t-shirt and stamped/painted on a t-shirt. Our youngest daughter is taking a Spanish class and is loving it. Mom is a helper in the craft class.

Spring is definitely on the way. My Daffodils and Rhodies are blooming like crazy. I spent the weekend planting primroses, trimming rose bushes, and pulling weeds. Meanwhile my husband spent time painting and finishing up some wallpapering projects.

I guess I should get off the computer and get the school day started.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb ..................

Well here it is the 1st of March. We had some snow, hail, wind, and rain yesterday. The girls went outside to "play in the snow" and got soaked to the bone. They had fun. My daffodils are blooming and my allergies are booming. Crocuses can't figure out why it is so cold. Can't wait til Spring.

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